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About NewerU Cosmetic Course Model Agency

10 Years’ of experience in helping cosmetic medical training schools run their practical courses for dermal fillers and other injectable beauty treatments positioned us among the best places to get your anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Here at NewerU, we believe that our service is instrumental to aesthetic practitioners who want to turn theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

Our goal is for everyone to be able to access affordable medical and advanced beauty enhancement without compromising on safety.

That’s what makes us the premier agency for savvy people who want botox, dermal fillers, thread lifts, mesotherapy and much more at a fraction of the clinic cost.

Our clients are exclusive, world renowned trainers who have a keen eye for detail and offer the best education for medical professionals who want to gain practical knowledge.

We only work with distinguished and renowned medical aesthetics practitioners known for their wide range of effective non-surgical and surgical cosmetic teaching.

Our models attend assignments in multiple locations throughout the UK, including the famous Harley Street in London.

We offer highly effective, safe and easy cosmetic treatments for our models that include a broad selection of wrinkle fighting treatments as well as thread lifts, non-surgical nose jobs, dermal fillers and a wide variety of other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance your features.

Our expertise and professionalism is owed to our team of highly qualified and experienced model recruiters who are dedicated in delivering the best services to our models and clients.

We take great pride in the standard of experience we provide all our models internationally

Looking for quality beauty treatments at affordable prices? Our service connects you with skilled practitioners who provide you with top quality beauty services.

Our ethos is to specialise in the most natural results from your medical beauty treatments, tailored to your individual needs. Bringing out your best self, always beautiful and natural-looking from the best international trainers.

We diligently select a catalogue of suitable models based on the brief

We pride ourselves on the seamless service we offer our brand managers and training academies.

We handle model selection to make your aesthetic medicine training workshops run smoothly. We search, select and present you with candidates in line with your specific brief.

We provide photos of both front and side profiles along with up to date medical.

NewerU Training Models offers a tailored service to all our training academies, pharmaceutical companies and brand owners.

For models, this means you will only be treated for the treatments you need and will make a subtle yet impactful change to your features overall

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