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Cosmetic course model assignments for dermal fillers

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9-18 months

Neweru Models did a wonderful job talking me through the assignment, I wanted the threadlift treatment but I was scared to be a model. I needn’t have worried, My experience was top notch and my results are far from subtle as you can see!! I have since recommended all my friends to Neweru who all have nothing but praise for the Neweru Team.


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Chin fillers

Using filler such as hyaluronic acid to enhance the chin area can enhance the overall appearance of the contours of the face. This treatment is suitable for cosmetic training models of all ages with concerns within the chin area.

The chin is a defining feature of the face, and when proportioned correctly, can promote a youthful look. However, with a disproportionate chin, it can project other elements of the face to seem out of proportion, too. The shape of our chin is given to us through our genetics, however, a weak chin can often because for a lack of confidence.

Once injected, the dermal filler will add volume and definition to the chin. This treatment can lengthen the lower facial appearance, resulting in an overall balanced profile. Using filler instead of undergoing surgery for this procedure gives an option that removes the discomfort and downtime of going under the knife.

The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes to complete, and results can be seen immediately after. Post-treatment, the skin can be cooled with a cold pack to prevent swelling and promote faster healing.

All cosmetic training models will have a prior consultation with a dermal expert to discuss their chin concerns and confirm the amount of dermal filler needed. 

Our clients are sponsored by the manufacturers of the highest quality dermal fillers on the market. Therefore, they carry the fullest range of fillers available by dermal filler manufacturers. Ensuring that the best product is selected based on your specific needs and not what the clinic has in stock or what is available. 

When attending as a cosmetic training model having chin fillers, we will discuss the concerns you have with your chin, and how it can be enhanced by injecting the right filler product