Feel good for less when you become a model for semi-permanent make up

Cosmetic course model assignments for semi-permanent make up

Procedure Time

3 hours

Pain Level


Back to Work

2 days

Clinic Price


Model Price



9 -18 months

Neweru are able to offer me treatments at prices I can afford with out risking my saftey or the quality of products. I find they really get to know you and what your goals are, then they match you to the assigments that you want.


Model since: Mar 2017

Semi Permanent Shaded Eyebrows

This type of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique involves carefully applying a subtle shadow of colour to replicate the use of powder or pencil on the brows. This procedure is suitable for cosmetic training models of all ages and skin types.

All models will receive an initial consultation prior to the procedure to ensure that the correct semi-permanent technique is used upon application to create a desired effect.

A complete set of shaded eyebrows takes two sessions of approximately 40 minutes to complete, to ensure that the brows are evenly pigmented. The second appointment takes place between 6 and 8 weeks after the first, so that the pigment can set into the skin. The second appointment ensures that any necessary adjustments can be made for full, even-looking eyebrows. Results can last between 1 and 3 years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.