Feel good for less when you become a model for Jawline slimming treatment

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Procedure Time

60 Minutes

Pain Level


Back to Work

2 days

Clinic Price


Model Price



9-12 months

I’m thrilled to be able to recommend Neweru model agency. I know loads of people, male and female that model for them. I’ve personally modelled for a top Harley street doctors & one time, I was booked in for nose to mouth lines but got several others FOC because she wanted to show how good the product was for other lower face areas. Love them!

Jacinta C

Model since: June 2016

Jawline Slimming

    Our jawlines can change shape over time due to either the ageing process or due to strong chewing muscles on both sides of the lower face.

    The process of jawline slimming is therefore suitable for older cosmetic models or those who feel that they have protruding jawlines.

    Jawline slimming involves using cosmetic injectables too slim a widened jawline. These injectables can shrink the jaw muscles that widen the lower part of the face, and lengthen the chin for a slimmer appearance.

    All of our cosmetic model candidates will undertake a facial assessment during their prior consultation with an expert trainer and their delegates to ensure that all models are the right candidate for this treatment, and that this procedure will enhance rather than detract from your current appearance.

    We discuss the shape of your jaw and how it can be enhanced by injecting the right fillers for your desired changes.

    During the procedure, the chosen delegate will inject deep into the muscles of the jaw on both sides, which results in a significant shrinking of the size of the muscles. This result can be combined with dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid injections to lengthen the chin and add further definition to the appearance.

    This procedure can last between 9 and 12 months, and can also help to treat bruxism, which is the technical term for grinding of the teeth.

    Majority of our clients are sponsored by the manufacturers of the highest quality dermal fillers on the market. Therefore, they carry the fullest range of fillers available by dermal filler manufacturers. Ensuring that the best product is selected based on your specific needs and not what the clinic has in stock or what is available.