Feel good for less when you become a model for teeth grinding treatment

Cosmetic course model assignments for teeth grinding treatments

Procedure Time

60 Minutes

Pain Level


Back to Work

2 days

Clinic Price


Model Price



9-18 months

cosmetic course model

Neweru Models did a wonderful job talking me through the assignment, I wanted the threadlift treatment but I was scared to be a model. I needn’t have worried, My experience was top notch and my results are far from subtle as you can see!! I have since recommended all my friends to Neweru who all have nothing but praise for the Neweru Team.


Model since: Jan 2014

Teeth grinding masseters treatment

Teeth grinding treatment is the process of using an injectable product, such as botulinum toxin to treat excessive muscle activity and spasticity. This procedure is suitable for cosmetic training models of any age who suffer from teeth clenching or grinding.

Chronic teeth grinding and clenching, known as Bruxism, can cause problems including tooth problems, headaches, facial pain and migraines. Often those who clench their teeth while sleeping wake up with a sore jaw. This procedure can provide relief from the side-effects of bruxism as well as soften the appearance of the jaw line.

The treatment involves injecting small amounts of botulinum toxin into the master muscle, which is the large muscle that moves the jaw. This helps to relax the muscle, which reduces the impact of clenching teeth, and therefore removes the painful side-effects of bruxism. This procedure takes around 40 minutes and can last between 9 and 12 months.

All of our cosmetic model candidates will undertake a full assessment during their prior consultation with an expert trainer and their delegates to ensure that all models are the right candidate for this treatment, and that this procedure will benefit you directly. We will discuss how your Bruxism is affecting you directly and the correct course of action.

Majority of our clients are sponsored by the manufacturers of the highest quality injectable products on the market. Ensuring that the best product is selected based on your specific needs and not what the clinic has in stock or what is available.