Clients (You) are requested to carefully read the following terms and conditions which must be strictly adhered to at all times. We request that you read our business terms prior to booking a model.

Please note that the following is standard practice with all our clients. We would expect standard agency rules to apply to each booking undertaken with Neweru Models

1. Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Both parties agree that under this partnership agreement:

    1. NewerU Models own the data and IP of the models they provide.
    2. The Clients and its subsidiaries own the data and IP of all training events they hold, not including the model data
    3. The client and its subsidiaries own the data of any models they provide.

2. Prohibited Model Contact

    1. The client is strictly prohibited from adding NewerU models to any email database,
    2. The clieint is prohibited from contacting models via email, text, sms, social media, telephone or any other forms of communication.
    3. The client is strictly prohibited from any form of communication with NewerU Models.
    4. The client is strictly prohibited from encouraging, motivating or enticing NewerU models to join their social media channels by way of discount, promotion, or any other acquisition strategy.
    5. NewerU model contact details are simply for record keeping purposes.
    6. Clients found to breach the model sourcing terms and conditions agree to pay NewerU a model release fee of £2000 per model within 7 days and agree to pay all claims and cost of claims.

3. USAGE (for model bookings only)

    1. Unless otherwise agreed, in writing, the permitted use of photographs is for medical and private medical records and student logbook entries and EXCLUDES editorial, social media, press advertising, posters, packaging, display material, (i.e. show cards, point of sale, swing tickets etc.) CD, video and DVD covers and stills in commercials.
    2. The Client will be permitted to photograph NewerU models for the Training Logbooks
    3. The Client agrees to pay an additional rate for all of the above aforementioned EXCLUDED categories.
    4. The Client shall be responsible for negotiating the additional fees with NewerU Models for each of the aforementioned EXCLUDED categories before commercial use.
    5. The client shall not be permitted to use the photographs for any purpose until all fees have been paid.
    6. Unless otherwise agreed, in writing, the additional fees will be for the UK only for a period of 3 years from the date of booking. Rates for all foreign usages must be separately negotiated.

Should there be a shortage of models, allocation is made in order of relationship tier which is:
Retained > Credit > Ad hoc > Commission based. NewerU Models will seek to complete the full model request but under this partnership is not obligated

4. Fees and Payments

A fee has been agreed by both parties for the services Neweru Models will provide. Once the search for models commences no refunds will be applicable for cancelled orders.

Clients who wish to make changes to their order once the search has begun, will be obligated to pay a amendment fee of £35 per model.

5. Exclusivity

    1. Until such time, if any, as this Agreement is terminated in writing pursuant to this Agreement, the Client shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit, initiate, entertain or accept any inquiries or proposals from, request contact information from or provide contact information to, any NewerU Model and any person or entity during the campaign or at any time after the event.
    2. The client shall not try to make any contact with the NewerU Models if such Models have been introduced to them by NewerU models
    3. the Client shall not, directly or indirectly, employ any NewerU Models until the expiration of 36 months since the last date of event.

Other items

  1. Both parties agree to work together at a professional level and will endeavour to produce clear and transparent communications at all times
  2. Both parties will work together in a logistical manner to ensure that sufficient time is given to The NewerU models to fill model slots.
  3. All details of the nature of this partnership will remain confidential
  4. This agreement is line with UK Law

I understand and agree with all the terms of this agreement: